I updated my icon in the most boring way possible because I’m too lazy for artwork….no more early film character though<3

Pokemon: New and Old!
Now available on Society6~

Pokemon: New and Old!

Now available on Society6~



Two favourite shots from my first two make up photo shoots for school
Models: attyca and gillykins
Photographer: Alan Flores  alanfloresiphoneography

Makeover Makeover!

Wow man….that’s my face. And Gilll’s’s’s’s’s.

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ONLINE SHOP……..soon…^-^”’

I’m currently setting up a Society6 for all your Attyca fanart needs~~

It’s neat that you can get the artwork printed on a bunch of different stuff with them……..Animal Crossing and Pokemon cuties on EVERYTHINGGGGG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s a promo for a few days too, so click here for an opening shop discount! (I think…….I’m still working this out hah)

adorababies-and-monsters asked: Hello, I saw you had a table at Youmacon last year and had a question. If you don't mind me asking, were do you get your prints that you sell printed from? I was considering getting a table at a con eventually with a friend and we're just asking around and comparing prices with printing services. Thanks in advance~!

Catching up on old messages here……sorry for the intense delay x_x

I’ve printed at quite a few places at this point, but docucopies.com has by far the best price and probably the best quality as well. I had an issue with them last year with a printing error but they were quick to fix the problem. Steer clear of fedex/ups/staples….they’re mediocre quality for a lot of greeennn.

Anonymous asked: What art program do you use?

Photoshop CS6. I’ve dabbled with others in the past but it’s what I use for work so it has stuck.

I haven’t been tumbling in a long while, but this is exciting - ANIME NORTH TABLEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. 

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Mary Blair iPhone 5 Backgrounds: Row I - Cinderella (1950), Row II - Alice in Wonderland (1951), Row III - Peter Pan (1953)

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Making Angus from Brave, Pixar's first 'real' horse (x)

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